August 11, 2016

The Turning

14915237_1802988966648084_27611828924614269_nJesus doesn’t merely stand with the oppressed. Growing up among the peasant class in ancient occupied Palestine, he experienced oppression. He didn’t bear witness to poverty; he was poor. And now, as the Spirit of Jesus dwells among us, he isn’t merely an ally to people of color or queer folk. Jesus is queer. Jesus is a person of color. We follow a poor, queer, person of color.

To find Jesus—to embrace the work of God in our midst—we mustn’t cast our eyes upward to shining steeples or halls of power; we must remain in the struggle and bear witness to the new thing being birthed since the time of our ancestors: the fulfillment of God’s promise for a healed world, the death of alienation, and a community of love and justice.

We turn from the false promises of the Empire as we join our spirits to the work of liberation. We join together to create a shared expression of hope.

And so, we gather quarterly to express this hope. We will invite artists, musicians, poets, and preachers help spark our prophetic imaginations. Together, as the seasons turn, we too turn to face each other and the Spirit in our midst.

This year’s themes:

November 6 | Remembering the Dead | 7-9pm at the Fox Egg Gallery

January 8 | Waiting in Hope | 7-9pm at the Fox Egg Gallery

April 15 | Ressurection | 7-9pm at Cafe Southside

July 2 | Resistance | 7-9pm location TBD