November 18, 2016

The Sacred Subversion Series

The Sacred Subversion Series is a collaboration with Conundrum Press.

Featuring authors who combine scholarship with activism, the Sacred Subversion Series gather prophetic voices from across North America to challenge the complex set of systems and myths that oppress people around the world while, at the same time, offering a compelling vision of community. How can we find new ways of flourishing with one another, with the land, and with our God? With emphases on creative praxis and experimentation, the series reflects the assumption that we must live our way into a new way of thinking, rather than thinking our way into a new way of living.

If you would like to be contribute to the series, please submit the following:

1. Proposal Form (please fill out this document)
2. Your CV or a narrative summary of your work/ministry/activist experience.
3. One sample chapter

Please email your submission, with the above files attached, to Mark Van Steenwyk (series editor) via mark [at]

In your email subject line, please use: Book Proposal.