August 11, 2016

Resistance to the Dominant Culture

Resistance to the Dominant Culture (RDC) exists to help each of us become fully alive and to share the possibility of more aliveness with those who long for it. It is a 12 step program for those addicted to Empire. By changing our own ways of being, we bring change to our world.

We recognize that we have been shaped by the values, beliefs, habits, and desires that make up the culture in which we live. We recognize that we have paid a high price for the privileges we enjoy as citizens of this superpower. That price is our full capacity for aliveness and humanity.

We are no longer willing to pay that price. We are staking our lives on the promise that more aliveness is possible. With the help of the fellowship and a Higher Power of our own understanding, we seek freedom from the cultural mandates to toughen up, to deny our feelings, to hide our vulnerability, to disconnect from our bodies, to deny the truth of our collective reality, to keep secret and lie about our own suffering and failings, and to limit our empathy and compassion to those deemed worthy of it, often those who look and live as we do. We wish to be delivered from competition for power and status, the endless search for approval, the intense desire to control, the unattainable quest for security, and the compulsion to comfort ourselves with addictive substances or processes.

While there is no permanent “cure” for the socialization we have received, we are finding that it is possible with the help of a Higher Power and the support of a recovery community, to cultivate the disciplines of love, vulnerability, generosity, and healthy service—to choose them one day, one hour, one moment at a time. It is possible to live a life of sustainable and joyful usefulness.

RDC was originally developed in Oakland by Seminary of the Street. This Resistance to the Dominant Culture program is based on the Twelve Steps (adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous), which we work, one day at a time, in the day to day realities of our lives.


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