March 28, 2017


The Center for Prophetic Imagination is a member-based nonprofit. We offer education, arts, and activist initiatives to help people turn from the false promises of empire and embrace God’s vision for the world.

Will you join us in working to co-create a world where all walls of alienation are torn down and all people live justly with each other, with the land, and with the Spirit of Life?

By becoming a member, you will:

• receive a 10% discount on all events and training we offer (workshops, conferences, retreats, and more)

• receive a special quarterly newsletter with links to free resources.

• have access to our fee-based webinars for free.

• be invited to nominate/approve board members, approve our annual budget, and ratify any amendments to our bylaws.

• feel warm feels for helping us do important work in the world.

To become a member, simply fill out the form below, click “next” and then set up your donation.

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Membership Dues

We offer the following guidelines to help you decide how much to give as a member. These are merely suggestions; giving at any amount about $10/month or $100/year grants you membership status:

If you make up to 25k a year: 10/month or 100/year.
If you make 25k-45k a year: 30/month or 300/year.
If you make 45k-75k a year: 50/month or 500/year.
If you make over 75k a year: 100/month or 1000/year.

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