August 11, 2016

Prophetic Immersion

Are you looking for greater sense of clarity and purpose in your life? Do you feel a growing sense of urgency about the problems facing our society and our world? And do you feel, deep in your bones, that the life and teachings of Jesus shed light on how you might be able to respond to the world’s cry while also living into your purpose?

In the face of our world’s suffering and brokenness, it is a struggle to nurture hope in the midst of the growing shadow of despair. For many of us, Jesus shows us a path for deep human thriving. Whether we worship him as God or merely recognize him as a prophet or sage, we suspect he shows us a way to resist the growing shadow by bringing together deep spiritual rootedness with revolutionary passion.

Prophetic Immersion is an initiation into the life and ministry of Jesus. Through five intensives, course readings, and mentorship, students explore key experiences in Jesus’ life within our own social, environmental, and political contexts. Think of it as a school for prophets.